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Engineered Facade Technology

KME Architectural Solutions manufactures the Proteus range of high quality, fully integrated facade systems, which include composite rainscreen options. All elements within each system, panels and louvres etc. are designed as modular units to ensure a high level of flexibility, maximum integration and consistent detailing. All systems offer flat and curved facades.

  • PROTEUS HR Composite Honeycomb Metal Rainscreen Cladding System
  • PROTEUS CX Composite Ceramic Porcelein Rainscreen System
  • PROTEUS SC Solid, Perforated & Mesh Screens
  • PROTEUS AR Ventilation & Solar Shading
  • PROTEUS GL Composite Honeycomb Glass Rainscreen System

The Proteus range satisfies the highest demands of modern architecture for high levels of functionality and aesthetic appearance. Our Proteus Technical Consulting Centre will be glad to supply you with any further information needed about available materials and special systems.

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Menai, Lend Lease Design, TECU Patina

Menai, Lend Lease Design,
TECU Patina

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