About KME

The world's largest manufacturer of copper and copper alloy products.

KME is an established and well respected organisation, with over 150 years experience in the production of copper and copper alloys. The leading force behind the design and development of the TECU® range of copper products, KME has a global presence. With production facilities in Germany, Italy, UK, France, Spain and China - and a Technical Consulting Team located in the UK - KME is dedicated to architecture.

At KME, we are committed to providing a superior service and exceptional TECU® copper systems and products for architecture. We take a consultative approach to the service we provide, working alongside architects at every stage of project development, from early concept & materials selection stages, providing detailing and specification assistance, right through to practical completion.

This fully-integrated solution aims to educate, inform, inspire and ultimately create a partnership which ensures that both architects and end-customers can be assured of a high-end result.

Officers Quarters, Den Helder
Tecu® Classic,
Horizontal angle-seam cladding